Want the best keratin service for frizz free hair? Oh Bhave

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Frizz free hair I know frizz oh so well, we have been together mostly my whole life, frizz free hair was a huge effort for me.  I have tried everything to maintain my curls and keep them fresh.  Since baby number … Continued

Balayage, ombre, colour melt, foils.

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Do you hear the terms; colour melt, root stretch, balayage etc, maybe you have an idea of what they are maybe you don’t. Every hairdresser will have their own take on the specifics. I like to look at images with … Continued

Blonde hair

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Blondie Blonde Specialist Are you in need of a blonde specialist? What does that even mean? Do you find you’re unhappy with your blonde hair? Want to know the secret to keeping your stunning blonde locks that perfect shade of blonde … Continued