Olaplex SAVE ME!

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Olaplex the most amazing revolutionary product, Gives you shiny hair and prevents damage.

I know I rave on about this stuff but it has been a massive game-changer for myself and my clients.

So the basic science… when added to your colour service this little bad boy will prevent damage happening to your hair. It is a 3 step process, when used correctly it builds the bonds in your hair back up. Our hair is made up of bonds, bad bonds lead to breakage, colour fading and lack of shine. When colouring and heat styling your hair your bonds can become damaged over time. Now with Olaplex we are able to prevent this from happening.
When added to your colours you will experience more longevity and extended shine after your service.

Just want the benifits of Olaplex then book in for an Olaplex treatment. This is an amazing service that will give your hair the boost it needs, this inclused a blow dry. Throw in a killer head massage and you are in hair heaven!

Make sure you purchase the take home to maintain the awesomeness that Olaplex has delivered. Olaplex no3 is an amazing step in the collection that will completely revolutionise your home care. With a growing homecare range, you can have Olaplex for every step in your home care routine.

Celebrity stylists use this on their clients think Jules Hough, Emilia Clarke, Nina Dobrev, Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lopez

I offer this as part of my mobile service for Welwyn and surrounds.

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