Summer Locks Loving

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Summer Loving


Sun sea sand and over processed hair. Nothing beats a GC summer, we are so lucky to have access to the best beaches in the world. Make sure you show your hair some summer loving.

The UV rays are incredibly bad for our hair, especially on hair filled with sea water or pool water.  A lot of people just avoid
heat styling and sit in the sun all summer. That alone will not help your hair. It will need lots of attention if you want it to make it through. UV rays are drying, cause colour fading and bleaching.


If you know you are hitting the beach or the pool this summer, then these great beach hair tips will help keep your locks in top condition.


  1. Load your hair up with conditioner, this will stop your hair soaking up water so when the sun is on your hair, you won’t be putting as much stress in it.
  2. A great hair mask once a week will keep your hair feeling loved. I absolutely love a good Niophlex treatment.
  3. Popping your hair in a plait before you go for a dip will help prevent it from knotting.
  4. Rinse Rinse Rinse… Make sure you rinse the chlorine or saltwater out of your hair before sitting in the sun.
  5. Always wear a hat this is the best way to save your hair from sun damage.
  6. Lastly drink lots of water, you hair and skin will thankyou for it!


If you find your hair is struggling in the heat, hit up your hairdresser for some TLC and products that can help revive it.


Summer loving, your hair deserves it some too!