Why you should invest in Salon products

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Why you should invest in salon products?

Something I find with my clients and their hair is that they struggle to recreate what I do in the salon.  Yes, I have years of constant training and a passion, I also have access to great salon products.

Each of my clients receive a thorough consultation, this helps me to understand their hair and the relationship they with it. I pick the shampoo, conditioner and leave based on our consultations.  I take into consideration a few things like the condition of the hair, how their hair is day to day and what they want from it.  Sometimes they have the perfect product sitting gat home but you are not using it correctly.

I recommend you become familiar with what you have, take photos and bring them with you to your appointment your hairdresser can help you use what you have, you may be using the wrong shampoo but your styling products are great.

Sometimes clients have invested in salon products because their besties hair is looking awesome and they talked up their latest purchase. They go buy it and hate it, the product isn’t to blame it just isn’t right for their hair.  Also, salon products your hair loved a year or more ago might not be right for your hair now, hair changes over time meaning so should your homecare.

Once you have the correct salon products you are ready to start recreating.  When you are with your stylist ask for pointers on how to achieve some of your favourite styles at home, some basic tips can make a big difference.

So take note of what you already have and go see your hairdresser and take control of your hair!


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Hair inspo, salon products
Hair inspo, salon products