Blonde hair

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Blonde Specialist

Are you in need of a blonde specialist? What does that even mean? Do you find you’re unhappy with your blonde hair?

Want to know the secret to keeping your stunning blonde locks that perfect shade of blonde between appointments?

In the salon, the process we go through to lighten your hair is a crucial step in getting your hair a nice blonde. Therefore if this stage is not done correctly, you will struggle to keep your hair looking it’s best. Finally we use our range of toners, to eliminate unwanted tones and as a result, achieve a perfect blonde.

For me each client is unique and so is their hair, this means no 2 colours are achieved the same way.  Priding myself in my work, I love to achieve perfect blonde results. Immersing myself in specialised training, constantly updating my knowledge, as a result, this keeps me at the top of my game and a blonde specialist.

The next part is up to you, to keep your hair free of brassy tones great homecare is key. This should be salon PRESCRIBED shampoos conditioners and styling products. Each client has different hair, meaning different products are needed, a professional can prescribe you the correct products.

Something that is probably less known is the damage swimming in the ocean, creek or a pool can do the longevity of your colour, therefore pop some conditioner in dry hair before going for a dip. Finally remember, the sun is even more damaging then using heat tools so always wear a hat.